Tasting Room Hours

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Mayday Hours:

Tuesday 4:00 – 9:00pm

Wednesday 4:00 – 9:00pm

Thursday  4:00 – 9:00pm

Friday      4:00 – 10:00pm

Saturday 1:00 – 10:00pm

Sunday   12:00 – 7:00pm

Jugs Of Fun


A Jug of Fun is a ½ gallon Jug of fine craft beer made with love at Mayday Brewery. Other breweries have similar jugs and call them “Growlers”. What is a growler anyway? Ozzy made a mistake of looking that up on Urban Dictionary once. Don’t do it.

We can’t imagine that you would want to pay money for one of those, so we sell “Jugs of Fun” instead.

The name isn’t the only thing that is different about Mayday Jugs of Fun. Our goal is for you to have the freshest beer possible when bringing it home from Mayday. That is why we pre-fill our jugs in our cooler where we know the jugs have been properly cleaned and sanitized, and the glass jug is the same temperature as the beer coming out of the tap. Here are some advantages to our jug of fun concept.


In the tasting room, if you happen to get behind a stranger who wants to fill a case of jugs, you know it will take about 30 seconds more for the Mayday Hopsecutioners to swap those out. You may strike up a conversation with that person and become fast friends. On the other hand, if we filled growlers at the tap, you would be cussing this bozo for making you wait for ten minutes while his jugs were filled. You hate this person because all you want is a sip of beer and as fate would have it, he made it to the bar 10 seconds before you.


Oxygen, light and heat are all the enemies of beer. We keep our jugs cold, clean and sanitized, and when we fill them there is very little foam, so your beer doesn’t lose carbonation. We put the cap on that bit of foam to ensure that no oxygen enters the jug. Our jugs are brown, so they are resistant to light.

Our jugs will stay fresh for a month unopened if you keep them in the fridge. After opening, the beer will start to deteriorate, but still should be good for 24 hours. Drink it up and come back for more!

These guys are awesome! The staff are some killer folks, that are making some great liquid. Anybody that hasn't tried needs to check it out.

Adam W

Love the industrial setting and big, open dance floor. Got a great beer sampler and good food from their truck. Our group had a super fun time. By far my fave place to let loose in Murfreesboro after checking out many!

Lauren V

Love this space and the folks who run it/work it are AMAZING. The fact that I can go there for Yoga and Beer is bliss! The brews are yummy and creative, and the atmosphere friendly and inviting. One of the best spaces in the 'boro!

Molly P

Amazing art, atmosphere, and alehouse. Kudos to the Head Brewer for giving us an impromptu tour, Kelsey Nelson is amazing.

Ian C

Great atmosphere, awesome beer and fantastic food truck. Was super impressed for finding this place randomly.

Darlene B

Great atmosphere! Friendly staff and an excellent small business. The Inner Sanctum is awesome!

Bill G